High School Welding Competition - Charleston

Start your journey to becoming a welder! The ArcLabs Welding School HS Welding Competition is an invite-only competition for motivated high school seniors who want to prove that they have what it takes to be a Welder.

All participants in the regional welding competitions in South Carolina or Texas will receive a $500 scholarship. Participants will also have the opportunity to enroll in one of our ArcLabs Welding School Welder Programs. Our welding programs provide skills and hands-on training geared to meet the tough demands of today’s employers.

The objective is for our students to gain entry-level employment across the country in the manufacturing, construction and maintenance fields. The certifications we issue give our graduates maximum employability potential in the welding industry.

What can I expect at the ArcLabs Welding School HS Welding Competition?

  • A timed welding project to be completed by each participant and judged before a panel.
  • A fun, family-oriented event where participant’s friends and relatives are invited to come and watch you compete.
  • Admission and Financial Aid Representatives available to answer your questions.
  • Demonstrations and networking with experts from the welding industry.
  • A tour of campus and vendor booths.
  • An awards ceremony concluding the competition and announcing the scholarship winners.

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On-Site & Off-Site Testing

ArcWeld, a subsidiary of Arclabs, offers a variety of welding services to companies who utilize welders within their industry. Services available include: welder testing, certification, assessment, and training.

ArcWeld also provides welding consulting services for those in need of developing and/or qualifying weld procedure specifications (WPS), setting up or maintaining a welding program, or working to meet a weld code or standard (i.e. AWS or ASME). .


High School Welding Competition - Columbia

Deadline for Registration is Feb 23!


High School Welding Competition - Piedmont

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High School Welding Competition - Charleston

Deadline for registration is March 9!